Fire Service Presentations or Group Meeting


How to deliver “impressive” presentations.

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Module 1:

Firefighters of all ranks have to give presentations virtually every shift. Whether you are a rookie conducting a station tour with kindergarten kids or a Fire Chief presenting to a board of elected officials, presentation skills are vital to success. Learn the fundamentals including pre-planning strategies, audience and presentation types as well as a solid 8 step system that will keep your anxiety down and your scores high. There is only one proof of ability: Performance!

Module 2:

In basketball the only way to score points is for the ball to go in the hoop. In assessment centers dimensions = points; therefore to score points you have to exhibit the dimensions being evaluated by the assessors. You must demonstrate that you possess, to a high degree, the dimensions being evaluated. The dimensions are based on knowledge, skills & abilities possessed by the best officers in your agency. Here we present the most common dimensions & how to score high marks & be promoted.

Module 3:

A simple to follow presentation format is demonstrated with examples that clearly illustrate what is needed to capture the audience and hit the dimensions being rated. The problem solving model and “SMART-CO” are brought to life. The steps presented can easily be duplicated with all audience types and testing formats. Q & A and difficult audience members are addressed. Variations allow presentations to be tailored to your audience and time constraints. The lessons can be used your first shift.

Module 4:

addresses audience types and how to tailor your presentation for each. Effective Officers give presentations daily & are judged on this skill. After watching this module officers of all ranks will be skilled engaging the audience and the assessors. Pre-planning steps are presented on the “white” board so you can modify the steps to meet your agency needs. Conquer your fears and score at the top of your promotional register by building your strengths & improving your weaknesses.

Module 5:

Live demonstrations of presentations to a Homeowners group & to subordinates bring this lesson to life. The presentations were done live & only 1 take. See the clock running & pressure building to hit all the dimensions/steps. Seeing is believing. Yes you can do it. A video is worth a thousand words. Watch each demo and score them for yourself based on the dimensions. These presentations will show you promotional excellence for all ranks. Only #1 will do! GET PROMOTED by applying these lessons.


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