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Are you willing to become an excellent fire officer and learn the skills necessary to obtain a #1 score? We can share the fundamentals learned from over 55 years in the fire service. Our training provides you with the tools to properly prepare for success. This is your chance to ascend in your career and achieve greater job satisfaction. We have trained thousands since 1999. Allow us to help you through this challenging process. The chart below shows how a small investment in your training can go a long way towards improving your current salary and your future pension. You can pay off your investment in the first month. Take that first step towards shaping your future and GET PROMOTED!

Current Salary 10% Raise Get Promoted!

New Salary


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Return On


Weeks To Payoff


$50,000 $5,000 $55,000 $897 557% 9
$60,000 $6,000 $66,000 $897 669% 8
$70,000 $7,000 $77,000 $897 780% 7
$80,000 $8,000 $88,000 $897 892% 6
$90,000 $9,000 $99,000 $897 1003% 5
$100,000 $10,000 $110,000 $897 1115% 4

If you are like most prospective fire service professionals, you face one or more of these challenges:

✔ Fear public speaking
✔ Apprehension regarding the interview
✔ Frustration from previous failures
✔ Anxiety regarding lack of preparation strategies for the interview
✔ Concern over a lack of available preparation time

Acquire the competitive edge to stand out, do well on the Assessment Center and Get Promoted!


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Let Fire Assessment Center Prep guide your preparation. Go into your Assessment Center prepared, confident, and ready to score at the top of the list. We have systems in place to help you Get Promoted and become an excellent supervisor.

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With over 250 #1 Assessment Scores (and counting!), our instructors have a proven track record. Chief Freddie Fernandez & Chief David Johns have been training officers since 1999. Trust them to help you get promoted and advance your career.

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Courses: complete viewing within 7 days of purchase if not satisfied email for a full refund. (you have access to videos for 90 days)
Coaching: upon completion of your private session, tell your Coach you are not satisfied, and your money will be refunded immediately.