Are you seeking a promotion to the next level?


Hey Chief Freddie, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.. I came out number 1, I’ll be getting promoted this week.

Cliff R., Fire Captain

Hey Chief,

Final job offers were given for Dallas Fire Rescue. I start on May 4th! I can’t thank you enough for the training and Captain Dickerson for the reference. I will see you again in a few years for promotion!

Thanks again, Wes Hughes

Chief Freddie Fernandez went above and beyond to help me in every way possible so that I could “Ace” my Physician Assistant interview. The training shows results with my 75 out of 75 points on my interview. I will definitely be recommending FACP to many others. Thank you again Chief Freddie Fernandez. With your help and practice it can be done.

Denise L.

Good morning Chief,
Friday afternoon BSO made it official and promoted 11 of us to the rank of lieutenant. Thank you so much for your help and we’re looking forward to seeing you again in 3yrs for our captain test.


Chief(s) I just wanted to touch base with both of you. On Friday 3/18/16 the LT promotional list was finalized for the Cape. I am pleased to announce that my final overall score placed me number 1 on the list a full 5 points above second place.

Funny enough it turns out the second place individual was also working with you. Neither one of us had any knowledge of the other working with you until about 30 min ago. His score was 2 full points above 3rd place. With that be said it has me scoring 7 full points above the first individual who did not train with you.

So in summary we are pleased to say both first and second trained with you and really appreciate all your help. We will tentatively be promoted at the start of the pay period, this coming Saturday 3/26/16. Thank you!

Hello Chief Johns, this is Justin Gillig, i took your new hire interview class a while ago. I’m pleased to inform you that i got employment with Palm Beach County Fire rescue the first time being interviewed, after taking this course and will be in class 64 in February. I would also like to note that the last interview i had with Palm Beach Gardens fire rescue, before i took this class, i actually failed that interview, after doing great on every other process of that hiring. Your class is well worth the money and thank you for your time.

My name is Juan Castaneda and we spoke brief last March when I was preparing for my promotional exam for Fire lieutenant. I was recently promoted to Lieutenant last week and wanted to thank you for the phone conversation and the guidance and help from the courses I purchased from your website. They were extremely helpful in my confidence during the testing process. Once again I wanted to say thank you and look forward to speaking with you in the future when it’s time for the Captains test.

I wanted to let you know I am ranked #7 out of 197 people for the assesment center portion of the Captains exam for HFD. I scored a 28.539 out of 33.33 total points. The number one guy scored a 29.270 so I am less than 1 point behind him. Thanks for all your help in the skype session as well as the great class!

Ben Perry

I would like to thank you for your services during my last promotional exam. Your service definitely help me get in the top 5 and I just got the phone call that I have been promoted to Lieutenant. Thank you again!

Craig Matthews Jr., CFEI

Hi Chief’s,
Yes, I was just promoted to Lieutenant!!! I feels good to work hard and have it finally pay off. I followed your program extensively and yes it definitely help me. Thank you so much for making your program available online and affordable. The videos are very well done and I think your way of preparing is very valuable. I will use your program in the future. Keep up the good work. Stay Safe!

Thank you,
Alan D. Immokalee, FL

I want to thank you for your program. I finished #1 overall and will be sworn in at the end of the year. I cannot thank you enough. Well worth the investment.

Stay safe,
Joshua E.
Brunswick Fire

Dear Chief,
I am excited to inform you that I performed very well in the assessment process!! So first some statistical data. I scored very low on the written test and I knew I would need to knock it out of the park on the practical. I scored a 73 on the written, and this placed me 33 on the list of 44 people who passed the test.

I received a perfect score from the assessment process!! All 5's, in all categories! This has been a true blessing from God. I'm extremely thankful for your program and assistance in this journey. This perfect score resulted in my placement from 33 on the list, to a final 9th place over all.

Many have asked how this perfect score was obtained, and all are informed that through the actions of the Lord, and assistance obtained from your program it was accomplished. I can't thank you enough, and I will continue to promote your program to all who ask.

So from the bottom of my heart, Thank you! I encourage you to continue to do the wonderful work you are offering. Please continue to help promote the fine people of these departments in order to serve our communities and ultimately serve God.

C. Crowe,
Lexington Fire

To view Crowe's assessment sheet, click here