In-Basket (In-Out Box)


A detailed explanation with a systematic approach to manage appropriately.  This course will prepare you to effectively manage your in-basket exercise.

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Module 1:

Most of us love running emergency calls and saving lives. However, to be a well rounded fire officer you must have good administrative skills & be able to manage information coming from many angles. The In-Basket is typically the first thing you address at the beginning of the shift or work day. This lesson will define the In-Basket teach you how to manage your roster, calendar & the incredible amount of data that comes from various sources. Pre-planning, sorting and indexing are introduced.

Module 2:

Having a reproducible & adaptable system to solve problems is key to effectively handling your In-Basket. This module introduces you how to apply a 5 step problem solving model with real world examples. The skills learned will be applied on your first tour of duty & allow you to complete your In-Basket within the allotted times. Resource management and calendar usage will expand your ability to handle more complex issues. Practice what you learn here with current issues in your agency.

Module 3:

Just like building tactical pre-plans are crucial to fire ground success, In-Basket Pre-Planning is just as crucial to effective administrative success. Chief Freddie teaches you a simple 3 step pre-planning system. Chief Johns discusses how to address conflicting items and how to systematically approach your In-Basket to get you started on the proper path to high scores. Sorting & indexing will keep you from making mistakes and assure compliance with all issues your level should address.

Module 4:

Now we get into more details and examples. The Chief’s teach you how to prioritize items & create an index to keep you organized in the heat of the battle. Following the steps outlined here will allow you to manage all the information & score high points in all the dimensions. The lessons here will lower stress levels. The four D’s (Do, Delay, Delegate, Date) are explained. Chief Johns walks you through the steps in real time with an actual In-Basket. Seeing is believing.

Module 5:

Watch Chief Johns run an In-Basket in real time while you follow along at home. This In-Basket is from an actual exam given in a local municipality in 2012. Items are current and consistent with most fire departments in the US. You have two hours to run your In-Basket on your own and then see how the master himself handles the In-Basket with a live clock running and in real time. You will see all the practical tips applied and compare Chief John’s actions to your actions.

Module 6:

The Chief’s walk you through the lessons learned and summarize the application of what was learned in the previous modules. Follow what was learned here today and Get Promoted!


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