Promotional Interviews


Fire department promotional interview strategies.

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Module 1:

Public speaking is the #1 fear of most Americans. FACP has helped countless candidates whose anxiety level rises to extremes with just the thought of the interview. After this lesson, you will learn everything you need to GET PROMOTED. Fundamentals of dress, posture, conduct are explained. Learn the 4 basic question types with easy to follow response formats & pre planning tips. This lesson will help you demonstrate to the raters that you are the best candidate for the position.

Module 2:

In basketball the only way to score points is for the ball to go in the hoop. In assessment centers dimensions = points; therefore to score points you have to exhibit the dimensions being evaluated by the assessors. You must demonstrate that you possess, to a high degree, the dimensions being evaluated. The dimensions are based on knowledge, skills & abilities possessed by the best officers in your agency. Here we present the most common dimensions & how to score high marks & be promoted.

Module 3:

There is only one chance to make a first impression. Learn how to dress properly, arrive on time and conduct yourself professionally during your interview. Tips are given on resume preparation and research on the agency including the Mission, Vision, Motto and Core Values. The material presented in this module is sure to get you started on the path to success. Every structure starts with a foundation. The foundation provided here will give you solid footing on your path to Get Promoted!

Module 4:

The Chief’s introduce the 4 question types likeliest to be addressed on your interview. Each question is detailed with a clear & easy to follow system to organize your responses. Learn how to preplan for the “tell me about you” question & how to assure the raters that you are the best candidate for the position. Learn how to open and close the responses and how to structure your strengths in a manner that will garner the most points. See Freddie give a live demonstration for you to follow.

Module 5:

Firefighters enjoy the rush of a good save or a good stop on a fire. You may be great operationally in the field, but you need to be just as good articulating your actions during the interview. Chief Freddie teaches you a response format based on the Emergency Operations class that is tailored for the interview setting. Learn how to pre-plan & structure your response by watching the demonstration. Policy/SOG questions are introduced as well.

Module 6:

Officers of all ranks must be able to demonstrate their knowledge & application of Policies & SOG’s. Learn to pre-plan for what you may face on your exam. A sample format is demonstrated & brought to life with another example with the “clock running”. See Chief Johns show you how it’s done. He deals with a question about the injury policy which is a likely topic for all ranks. The Chief’s recap all the components of the interview process. Remember: The only proof of ability is PERFORMANCE.


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