Subordinate Counseling & Interpersonal Issues


Bullet-proof format to resolve any subordinate issue.

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The most important resource for any supervisor is our personnel. Learn how to conduct meetings with subordinates to constructively address their performance as well assist with any personal issues that could be impacting their work performance. Firefighters spend more time with each other than with their own families. More lives are saved with good subordinate relationships than at emergency scenes. Learn how to differentiate signs & symptoms from underlying issues and how to provide the needed resources to get the employee back on track.

Module 1:

An introduction to what is the most critical component of being a fire officer: taking care of your personnel. Your #1 resource is your crew. Stress, pressure and sleepless nights can take a toll on your personnel. We spend more time with our co-workers than with our own family. This module gives you the fundamentals to handle interpersonal issues and get your employee back on track. Differentiate between management and personal problems and learn how to effectively address both.

Module 2:

In basketball the only way to score points is for the ball to go in the hoop. In assessment centers dimensions = points; therefore to score points you have to exhibit the dimensions being evaluated by the assessors. You must demonstrate that you possess, to a high degree, the dimensions being evaluated. The dimensions are based on knowledge, skills & abilities possessed by the best officers in your agency. Here we present the most common dimensions & how to score high marks & be promoted.

Module 3:

The Chief’s put the problem solving model into action by demonstrating how to pre-plan and run a subordinate conference. SMARTCO comes to life with examples consistently found nationwide. Identify internal & external resources to assist with management & employee problems. We show you how to prepare for anything you can be expected to handle. Everything learned here can be easily adapted to your exam & your agency. Learn how to identify positives, negatives and clues to the underlying issue.

Module 4:

Now let’s run the meeting. Coaching, mentoring and guiding are key leadership duties. Get the employee back on track and provide the assistance needed to assist them with the employee issue. See a problem solving & SMARTCO example of how to handle a management issue. Learn how to handle the subordinate and listen attentively. Learn to probe and uncover the underlying issue. Pitfalls to avoid are enumerated. All ranks will benefit from the years of experience on display.

Module 5:

The Chief’s bring everything to life. 2 live scenarios with no rehearsal are shown so you can see firsthand how to run a subordinate conference. See how to handle a cooperative and a less than cooperative employee. Each 15 minute demo will illustrate the KSA’s required in both the testing & real world to manage our most valuable asset, our employees. After watching these demo’s you will be able to prepare & perform during the most critical duty you will perform as a fire officer. GET PROMOTED!


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