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8.3.16 Monroe Firefighters – M.L.

Congratulation to the fire officers who succeeded after using our online fire test prep

Congratulations to M.L. from Monroe, OH on achieving the #1 score on his Assessment Center.  His efforts to prepare have been rewarded.  Thank you from FACP for allowing us to help you achieve your goal. Test given by DAUM & Associates.

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San Francisco Seminars Sold Out

Online fire test prep from Fire Assessment Center Prep

Both seminars for San Francisco fire have sold out.  Forty current Lieutenants showed their motivation get Get Promoted by signing up for this training with Fire Assessment Center Prep.  We are looking forward to sharing as much information as possible to assist everyone with their preparation. If you were not able to secure a spot…

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FDIC 2016 was a huge success

Fire Assessment Center Prep  honored to present at FDIC for the fourth year in a row. This years topic was “Real world counseling in the assessment center setting”.  The interactive lecture was attended by over 50 firefighters from around the world. This topic prepared attendees to handle a subordinate counseling scenario on their promotional exam…

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