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Welcome to the Fire Assessment Center Prep’s blog. If you don’t know about us, we help men and women across the country get ready for promotional examinations. Normally, our blogs will revolve around information pertaining to helping firefighters seeking a promotion study for their written fire assessment. But since there are some that may not know who we are, we thought we’d take the time to introduce ourselves first. In today’s blog, we’ll highlight what we do at the Fire Assessment Center, how we can help you ace your exams, and even give you a preview of some of the blogs we’ll be doing in the future. Keep scrolling to find out more about the Fire Assessment Center Prep!

What We Do

The Fire Assessment Center Prep was started in 1999 by two firefighters, Chief Freddie and Chief Johns, who wanted to help people around the country achieve their goals of moving up the firefighter ladder, excuse the pun. Started by firefighters and made for those who want to further their firefighting careers, our program’s leaders implement nearly 60 years of experience in firefighting and test-taking. We’ve helped thousands of individuals not only achieve their promotional goals to become lieutenants, captains, and chiefs, but also climb well beyond their competition and get promoted to positions they originally didn’t think they could obtain. We offer both online and in-person fire assessment prep that is sure to help you ace every one of your firefighter examinations.

How We Can Help

We offer numerous classes and additional add-on courses that will help you pass any test you decide to challenge. From individual online courses to in-person, small group training, the Fire Assessment Center Prep will help you achieve your goals of getting that firefighter promotion. Our online courses are designed to help further your knowledge of what a promotion will take, while our in-person courses help you interact with those around you. All courses will prepare you for your assessment by helping you realize your strengths, work on areas you need help in, and provide you with information from people that have experience moving up in the industry. View all of our firefighter courses and find the one that best fits your needs.

Blogs To Come

Because we’re dedicated to helping the men and women in the firefighting community, the Fire Assessment Center Prep will be making blogs that will help you not only study for your exams, but also help you in many aspects of your life. From basic test-taking tips to diet information to workout advice, the experts at the Fire Assessment Center Prep will be sure you’re ready for anything. We’ll go over the best ways you can prepare for your firefighter assessments, what you can expect to see on your exams, and even give you recipes for meals and snacks that will aid you in studying and preparing for your examinations.

Learn more about the Fire Assessment Center Prep, see what kind of study courses we can offer you, or view testimonials from real people who have taken our courses and passed their examinations with flying colors. Find the perfect firefighter test study guide at the Fire Assessment Center Prep. And be sure to be on the lookout for more blogs from the Fire Assessment Center Prep.

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