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Foods That Help You Study

For some, studying comes easy. It’s something that comes natural and can even be a relaxing activity at times. For others, studying can be one of the most challenging tasks around. Staying in one place trying to digest information for a test in the future may be excruciating for some test takers. Here at Fire…

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International Firefighters’ Day

Learn about international firefighters' day and get online fire exam prep

Firefighters are some of the most heroic men and women on the planet. No matter what precinct they’re apart of, which state they’re in, or which country they call home, all firefighters are brave, hard working individuals who put their lives on the line each and every day in order to save, protect, or just…

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Study Tips For Your Firefighter Test

Firefighter online test study tips

Trying to find the right study schedule can be a difficult thing to do, especially when you have to balance other responsibilities like work and being a parent. Finding the time to not only study, but to do so in a way that actually helps you retain the information can be one of the hardest…

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Welcome To Fire Assessment Center Prep

Get to know our online fire service testing company

Welcome to the Fire Assessment Center Prep’s blog. If you don’t know about us, we help men and women across the country get ready for promotional examinations. Normally, our blogs will revolve around information pertaining to helping firefighters seeking a promotion study for their written fire assessment. But since there are some that may not…

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